After 23 years as the Northwest Territories’ premier home inspection business, the time has come to announce my retirement and the closure of Housecheck Professional Inspection Services, effective February 1, 2024.

Other home inspection services options are now available in Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.

Problem-Solving Inspections & Consulting Services

Didier - House Check

Problem-solving inspections are designed to assist homeowners in dealing with a wide range of issues encountered in the operation of their homes. Each inspection is unique in terms of breadth and depth, depending on the issues, the options for addressing the issues, the home owner’s budget and many other factors. Problem-solving inspections are often requested because of:

  • wet crawl space
  • foundation problems
  • attic space frost build up and ventilation
  • condensation inside the house

Consulting services are available to help a home owner prioritize and establish a long-term plan for maintenance, repairs and replacement of various building components. What needs to be done immediately? Within 5 years? Within 10 years?… What needs to be done every few months? Or every year?… What’s the biggest bang for your buck?…

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